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Whether you want to learn Hypnotherapy to help yourself, your family or to work with clients, the quality of your training program is essential.  New England Institute of Hypnotherapy has been training successful Clinical Hypnotherapists since the mid-90's and we are proud of the success of our graduates.  We are including 4 video testimonials to help you decide whether to choose NEIH for your training. 




What’s It Like to Be a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist?

It’s great !  Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists trained by the New England Institute of Hypnotherapy are currently charging $150 to $350 per 1 hour session depending on geographic location.  These practitioners are working with clients on interesting applications such as Weight Management, Smoking Cessation, Pain Management, Phobias, Stress Reduction, and more.  If you’re someone who really enjoys helping others, this is a career you will love.  If you’re someone who has personally dealt with one or more of the above challenges, you are in a unique position to help others who are dealing with the same challenge(s).  You understand the desire for change and the commitment you needed to accomplish your goal.  The good news is that creating behavioral change with the help of Hypnotherapy is fast, east and pleasant for both the client and the practitioner.





What Are the Benefits of Working as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist?


Working as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist allows you to work on your own timetable.  You can create your own work schedule and you can work only with those clients you choose.  And, since the per session compensation is so high, working with 3 or 4 clients a week results in a raise for many people.  In a full-time practice, you will see an average of 10-15 clients a week. 





Why New England Institute of Hypnotherapy?




 Surprisingly, the NEIH training program is affordable,  comprehensive and professional.  In addition, it opens up all the right doors for students to learn what they need to succeed and offers FREE ongoing hotline support to all NEIH students and graduates to even more fully support their success.  CH201 Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification training is only $497, regular $797, saving you $300. this month only!!  To enroll now, click below!





Can Anyone Enroll in the NEIH Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification Training Program?



 Enrolling in an NEIH Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification program is easy.  You need a desire to help others, a desire to work in your own business and a willingness to commit yourself to completing at least our CH201 Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification training program.  So, any roadblocks that you expected don’t exist.  As far as timing goes, it’s never been better.  In times of uncertainty and economical challenges, people need help.  And they need it quickly.  Hypnotherapy is the natural choice for many people, and the shortage of Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists is at an all-time high.  You can help to fill this shortage by starting your training now!!


NEIH is committed to student success, so we can help you to learn hypnotherapy and reach your career goals.  Please visit our website at neih.com or call our office at 888-457-7999 to discuss your training needs.   To enroll now, click below!




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